Reviews from performers and voyeurs


“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the video.

Thanks for your service “


ADRIAN Ellis, Voyeur

“It was very enjoyable on Saturday to see a brief introduction on how things worked and to talk about my interests to you. “


Matt Jones, Voyeur

“…Many thanks for the very enjoyable afternoon! It would be great to visit you again on another similar afternoon…”


Harry Sheldon, Voyeur

“ Thank you for having me over yesterday. I enjoyed it and would like to come again but this time to view Gay, Lesbian or Fetish content as part of my quarterly package.”


Aaron Pommells, performer, 9/8/17


“I just want to apologise for things not going well today and I’m very disappointed in myself and would love to try again when possible, I apologies for wasting your time today….”


Stewart, voyeur  12/8/17

“….I enjoyed it at the mini studio today…”


Richard King, voyeur, 12/5/18

“I enjoyed the Voyeur Service, it was an awesome experienced to see adult movie live in a Studio. Sex is such a beautiful thing.

I can never understand why some people think it is dirty.”

Thank you for making me feel welcome today, it was a most interesting experience.


Ian Henry – Voyeur 27/4/19

Thank you for making me feel welcome today, it was a most interesting experience.

After watching I would be interested in taking part as an actor and will contact you for further details.




Mike Johnston – performer 18/5/19


Big thankyou to Pierre and the girls, had a great time, hope very much I’m successful. Once again thanks for the opportunity to work with you.


Craig Handscomb, – performer 3/5/19


Hi Studio’s.
Just wanted to say just had my promotion shoot today. Itwas nice thank you.
From Craig


Henry – private shoot with his partner 22/4/18

Thanks for the movie – we love it! Maybe I should perform in another of your productions! Was good fun.


Ashley Hutchings – performer 2.2.19

Ok, thank you. I hope I did do OK as I loved being there & actually doing it this time was fantastic & to actually be selected to do more videos would be a dream come true for me, so please say Yes hopefully thank you.