Reviews from performers and voyeurs


“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the video.

Thanks for your service “

ADRIAN Ellis, Voyeur

“It was very enjoyable on Saturday to see a brief introduction on how things worked and to talk about my interests to you. “

Matt Jones, Voyeur

“…Many thanks for the very enjoyable afternoon! It would be great to visit you again on another similar afternoon…”

Harry Sheldon, Voyeur

“ Thank you for having me over yesterday. I enjoyed it and would like to come again but this time to view Gay, Lesbian or Fetish content as part of my quarterly package.”

Aaron Pommells, performer, 9/8/17

“I just want to apologise for things not going well today and I’m very disappointed in myself and would love to try again when possible, I apologies for wasting your time today….”

Stewart, voyeur  12/8/17

“….I enjoyed it at the mini studio today…”

Richard King, voyeur, 12/5/18

“I enjoyed the Voyeur Service, it was an awesome experienced to see adult movie live in a Studio. Sex is such a beautiful thing.

I can never understand why some people think it is dirty.”

Thank you for making me feel welcome today, it was a most interesting experience.

Ian Henry – Voyeur 27/4/19

Thank you for making me feel welcome today, it was a most interesting experience.

After watching I would be interested in taking part as an actor and will contact you for further details.



Mike Johnston – performer 18/5/19

Big thankyou to Pierre and the girls, had a great time, hope very much I’m successful. Once again thanks for the opportunity to work with you.

Craig Handscomb, – performer 3/5/19

Hi Studio’s.
Just wanted to say just had my promotion shoot today. Itwas nice thank you.
From Craig

Henry – private shoot with his partner 22/4/18

Thanks for the movie – we love it! Maybe I should perform in another of your productions! Was good fun.

Ashley Hutchings – performer 2.2.19

Ok, thank you. I hope I did do OK as I loved being there & actually doing it this time was fantastic & to actually be selected to do more videos would be a dream come true for me, so please say Yes hopefully thank you.

Christophe De Junien – Performer 25/5/19

I would like to thank you for the warm welcome earlier today. 
As you noticed I was a bit nervous and I hope it won’t play too much against me. I hope you will find me suitable and I look forward to hear from you. Should you need me to attend another promo shoot, please let me know and we can organise a suitable date, I am obviously willing to pay the fee once agin if needed. You must have seen it all before and I’m sorry to not have performed better. I’m not usually that quick and the performer was very beautiful. Please keep me informed. 
Have a nice rest of the day. 
Kind Regards,

Kishore –  Performer, Promotional Shoot 13/7/19

Hi Andreia/SSL,
Thanks for arranging my photo shoot today.
I really enjoyed it and hope my shoot partner also equally enjoyed it..thanks..
Also,Special thanks to you as well as camera was fantastic and much appreciated..
Hope all goes well and looking forward to hear from you and work with you in near future..
Take Care and Thanks – Kishore

Raymond (Bosun Adekolu) – Performer, Promotional Shoot 21st September 2019

“To whom this may concern,
Thank you for yesterday’s, I really enjoyed it..
Raymond “

Ben – Performer, Promotional Shoot 19thOctober 2019

“Dear Kristine,
I wanted to share some lines with you. They are a bit personal but occasionally boys need to share their feelings as well.
It was so nice to meet you and Bella today for the promo shoot. Finally, I got a face to one of the persons I have so far only been writing emails back and forth and had phone calls with. I was initially a bit concerned about erection issues during the scene. I never had any of these in my private life whatsoever, but it’s a boy’s issue, and intended by nature, that their thing does not get hard if they are scared or in particularly stressful situations.
However, all concerns were unjustified. From the moment starting french-kissing Bella, the rocket took off. I completely lost any sense for time during the scene as she was so incredibly passionate and played along with each of my initiatives along the act. It is a bit gut-wrenching that we could not film the cumshot though. I have been saving up a couple of days and training to withhold. Only five minutes later, upon taking a shower with Bella and her playing with me a bit more, I came on her belly. It was a real, genuinely hard orgasm with quite a load and tremoring legs. I hardly ever have these types of orgasms in my private life (especially not since my female partner and I separated some months ago) so it would have been nice for the camera to catch. Surprisingly, even post orgasm, I kept an erection all the way on my way home so some folks (mostly mature women next to their partners) kept looking at me in the tube.
Actually, I could go much further in terms of kinkiness, endurance and power, so today was only the tip of the iceberg. I got plenty ideas that one could try with equally minded female performers in future projects that could be of interest to the consumers, also on the more romantic side of the spectrum. I really hope your plans to open the new studio go well. In the meantime, should there be anything that I can support your movies with, please do not hesitate to contact me. The only negative thing is that I still got ringing in my ear from Bella’s slap on my eardrum; I hope it will recover soon.
I am looking forward to hearing from you

Paul, Promotional Video Shoot 26/10/19

“No worries Kristine! Such a relief to know I don’t how to cum in short interval. Also, all the three of you I met were amazing! I didn’t expect it to be so easy and meet friendly people. See you soon and find your treatment to be frank and tough when I am not performing attractive. 🙂 “

Darren Murphy, Voyeur 23/11/19

“Hi Kristina,
Thank you to you and your team for today as your hospitality was great . I do not think my small cock would work as they were all well endowed
Can I just say Kristina you are such a beautiful woman
I may try another voyeur service watching two women next

Gatis – Performer – Promotional Shoot 18/1/20

I writing about today, sorry I didn’t feel confident, doing front on camera, I will do practice and medication at home to get my confidence front on camera, I felt I can do but my penis didn’t go in full size, that’s because camera was there.
We did make a video but, I didn’t make 3 position, you will see. 
And yeah staff was great and place was nice, I really enjoy 🙂 
We can rebooked  next week or week after,  then I will be focus for 100%, I will not let you down.
Many thanks Gatis, was amazing and experience day, have lovely weekend . 🙂 “